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San Diego Engine Balancing provides balancing for engine assemblies, crankshafts, rods, pistons, flywheels, pressure plates, dampners & more!

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San Diego Engine Balancing (SDEB) was established in 1969 by James Gauthier. All balancing was performed on a Stewart/Warner Dynamic balancing machine. After 20 years of operation SDEB was then sold to son-in-law and daughter Mark and Margo Jurgens. For forty years SDEB was family owned and performed countless balance jobs for the San Diego County. In January of 2009 SDEB was sold to long time customer Dave and Sandy Arce of Arce Engines, Machine and Automotive. The business will continue to operate much as it has in the past 40 years. SDEB offers Balancing for many different engines and is able to perform heavy metal operations now necessary for many after market crankshaft assemblies.

Arce Enterprises

San Diego Engine Balancing is an affiliate of Arce Enterprises which includes Arce Engines, San Diego Engine Parts, San Diego Cylinder Heads, San Diego Engines & San Diego Crankshafts. We can provide top-tier engine parts from MAHLE, Clevite, COMP Cams, and do all machine work, repair work & standard/performance engine builds in house.

SDEB Article

In January of 2017, SDEB had an article posted in Engine Builder Magazine about the explanation of the benefits of engine balancing to make the sell to a customer.